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Delivery Policy

Your orders are delivered to you within 3 to 14 working days under normal conditions. The average shipping time is written below the product.

Will ı pay for the delivery

All deliveries to Europe and the United States are free.

What should i do if i am not in stated address when my order arrives

In this situation, the order will be delivered to the nearest cargo agency and annotation will be left. You need to take your package in 3 days or it will return to Artistic N Specific. If you demand your returned order back, it will be dispatched wıth a counter-payment.

Do I need to pay extra

Artistic N sends your orders with every document needed for preventing any problems in custom. However, in some countries, some extra conditions or payments might be demanded. In order to avoid this kind of situation, we suggest that you contact the local customs office.

Return of the orders not received/ sent back because of being stuck in custom will be evaluated with the concept of ‘ withdrawal

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